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At Pac-West Acceptance we offer unsecured personal micro-loans. Our Micro 505 Loan is a great way to get you back on your feet after a bankruptcy. You can call right now and get approved* instantly over the phone. The funds are deposited directly into your account.

The process is simple: call one of our live, local (USA) loan processors and submit your application for approval. 866.388.0419

When you're approved* you can view and sign your loan contract instantly and receive funds the next business day. Our loans are short-term and low cost.

For full details please reach out.

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We offer a risk-averse solution to regain your top credit score without locking you in a long-term loan that risks a loss of equity such as an auto loan, at insane interest rates.

Call today to see if you qualify for a 0% interest unsecured short term personal loan.

How it works

Give us a call or apply online

Call (866) 388-0419 immediately to speak with one of our live, local(USA) loan processors for approval or apply online and we will call you shortly with a decision.

Get approved almost instantly

Once approved, you can view and sign your loan contract and receive funds as soon as the next business day.

How our Micro 505™ Loans can help you

Pac-West Micro 505 Loan
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It’s not just about saving money

Purchasing a home

Lowering your car insurance

Securing better employment